Garden Education

Ms. Rutabaga - Seeds of Hope
Ms. Rutabaga teaches children
about the earth and the importance of sharing food.

One way we express Tulsa's Table mission is to offer garden education events in the community. Working on concepts of soil and water conservation, we led more than 50 San Miguel Middle School students in a day long community service project that focused on neighborhood beautification. Students learned about and participated in soil mixing and water collection methods, and then invested their labor in planting and distributing pots of flowers to the business locations surrounding their school.

Lewis and Clark students eagerly explore a spring garden.

We've also worked with students at Lewis and Clark Elementary where the goal was to engage the children in the basics of planting and growing food. As a follow up to these classroom planting experiences, the children visited a local garden on a field trip where they were able to see vegetables growing, taste a variety of raw vegetables, listen to a local beekeeper explain the roles of bees in pollinating our food, and snack on locally-made bread and honey.

In the summer of 2016, we worked with middle and high school students to design, implement and grow individualized salsa gardens. Teens grew tomatoes, onions, cilantro and peppers in containers placed on student branded pallets. 

Because education is so integral to who we are, Tulsa's Table continues to reach out through our efforts to help children and youth learn about the earth and how food is grown.

San Miguel students planting lettuce seed cups to take home.
Numerous flower pots planted by San Miguel Students helped beautify their neighborhood.
Enjoyment and exploration filled the day as San Miguel Students got their hands into the soil.