Volunteering is food for the soul

At Tulsa’s Table, we believe that community support and involvement can be a strength that determines the future success of our youth. We are particularly invested in creating cross-generational relationships in which youth and seasoned adults may work side-by-side to fulfill our mission. Yet, every age person is a welcome volunteer and can help make a difference. Whatever your skill set or level of mastery, you are needed.

What gifts or talents can you share? How will you take your place at the table?


Do you love to cook? We need volunteers who know their way around the kitchen to teach youth how to prepare meals designed by our chef. Or, perhaps you can share your wisdom about preserving or canning food. All types of kitchen experience are welcome.

Cafe Support

Our popup cafes are the culmination of the work we do with our youth. The cafes are powered by our youth who plan and work the cafes as cooks, servers, and bussers. We need adult support to help them develop the skills needed to do their jobs well, and to work beside them as they learn. Those wishing to help prepare food must possess and maintain a valid food handler’s permit. We can provide information about how this may be obtained.

Garden Mentors

Our garden is cared for by Tulsa youth. Adults who love to garden are needed to work alongside the youth to teach basic and advanced skills. Whether you’re a master gardener or just have a healthy interest in digging in the dirt, come join us!

Program Mentors and Guest Speakers

We collaborate with Spot 31, a nonprofit organization in East Tulsa, to provide an ongoing, weekly curriculum which cultivates leadership skills alongside gardening and cooking know how. Our guest speakers talk about a variety of topics, including (but not limited to!) gardening and cooking. Are you a professor who loves to talk about environmental issues? A nutritionist who wants to teach kids about protein and carbs? Come enlighten us!

Let Us

Become a partner with Tulsa's Table in our mission to put fresh, healthy food on our tables as we reduce food waste in the community.  Each year, we invite local gardeners that have an overabundance of vegetables and fruit to donate their surplus to us so we can put it to good use in our cafe meals.

Special Events

Do you have a mind for details and logistics? Love to decorate? We hold several fundraising events throughout the year and need support to plan and execute fundraisers, “table talks,” and other opportunities in which we engage our community.

Professional Volunteer Needs
  • Chef
  • Photographer
  • Graphic Designer


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