About Us

Mission Statement

Equipping at-risk youth for economic and social mobility by cultivating life and job skills through seed-to-table programming.


Imagine the Possibilities


Core Values
  • Community
    We are committed to identifying, engaging and promoting community strengths and assets.

  • Equity
    We have a passion for nurturing and promoting equity that gives dignity to all.

  • Learning
    We embrace and engage in learning as a life-long endeavor.

  • Relationships
    We strive to promote a model of interdependent relationships between all people and people and the earth.

  • Transformation
    We believe in participating in personal, community and environmental health transformation.

  • Sustainability
    We engage sustainability concepts in our business, ecological and development practices.

  • Local Emphasis
    We recognize and value local identities and inherent wisdom.

  • Consensus
    We utilize consensus-based decision-making.


Our History

Tulsa’s Table is a project of StoneSoup Community Venture, a 501(c3) nonprofit organization established in 2010. Our identity springs from the heart of the stone soup folktale, in which community members provide valuable contributions that turn a soup of stone into a nourishing, sustainable meal. Tulsa’s Table’s objective is to nourish community for a purpose by providing opportunities for at-risk youth to obtain solid job and life skills through the learning laboratory operations of a food production garden and our pay-what-you-can community café. The long-range goal is for our garden and café to be fully operated by youth who develop a sense of ownership in the operation through their learning experiences at Tulsa’s Table. The garden will supply fresh, locally-grown food to the café that will function 5 days per week, serving lunch or dinner to everyone on a pay-what-you-can basis.

Tulsa’s Table has operated as a pay-what-you-can community café since June 2014. As a member of the One World Everybody Eats organization, we offer hearty, healthy meals with the pay-what-you-can model that is utilized by over 50 other community cafes across the county. Tulsa’s Table continues to offer pay-what-you-can cafés at East Side Christian Church and other community locations (check our homepage for upcoming cafes and events).   We also collaborate with Job Corps, Street School, Simple Faith Ministries and Spot 31 to include at-risk youth they serve in the training operations of our cafes.


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